Being lead vocalist in an all-girl rock band in college was fun, and it gave me a chance to realize that I had a voice people liked to hear. But that was short lived. After giving my life to Messiah, someone gave me a guitar and my passion for music took me in a different direction. Being in love makes you want to sing, especially to the person you love. And that is when I became a singer songwriter for the Lord.

I am happy to announce the release of my new cd, “His Mercy”. There are songs of worship and adoration and there are songs of prayer and supplication. If you listen closely you can hear the heart of God speak to you personally…. He is calling His people back to Himself.

Tightly arranged and produced by Kit Worton, former music director for Merv Griffin productions, you will find a variety of styles such as pop, Latin, Reggae and Modern Rock that are sure to attract a variety of musical tastes. All of this with one goal in mind, to express uncomplicated biblical truth in a message that will reach straight to your heart.

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